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ZYPP PT gives physical therapists instant and configurable rehab programs with trackable progression data to improve evidence-based outcomes.

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Physical Therapy


Choose from a wide variety of assessments, questionnaires, and note-taking templates (including SOAP documentation) to help diagnose the severity of the patient’s injury and monitor improvements as they progress through rehabilitation.

Custom Program Templates

ZYPP allows therapists to create new or customize existing program templates in ZYPP Track, our patient management application. With our unique program instructions page, therapists can provide detailed direction down to the individual rep.

Rotator Cuff Program - 8 Week

  1. Front Arm Raise
  2. External Rotation
  3. Side Arm Raise w/ Weight

Capture Performance in Real Time

The ZYPP Capture app provides users the ability to automatically capture exercises with resistance bands. Measure and record many inputs, such as Average Force, Total Force, Reps, & Time. ZYPP Capture combines these efforts with exercises using all other equipment (weight, medicine ball, BOSU, etc.) to create a comprehensive view of the patient session.

External Rotation

Track & Analyze Session Data

Save sessions from ZYPP Capture to ZYPP Track for tracking and analysis of results. Use ZYPP Track to monitor patient progress and make program adjustments. We make it easy to accelerate or slow down programs, depending on the patient!

Improve Outcomes

Take advantage of the patient summary page and other reports to monitor progress. Our reporting provides proof of progress as well as patient adherence. Ultimately ZYPP will help clinics improve outcomes by accelerating recovery, reducing re-admittance, and improving their bottom line!

About Zypp Technologies

ZYPP provides a uniquely data-driven platform to advance therapy and help clinics reduce re-admittance. With ZYPP’s unprecedented solution, therapists connect with patients to map out programs and implement specialized plans for accelerated recovery time.

ZYPP solutions provide the ability to automatically measure and track effort exerted off of resistance bands, a key component of rehabilitation. Combined with exercises using other equipment, users can blend results in real time to create a comprehensive view of patient progress.

Therapist utilize ZYPP’s transparent interface to monitor, then motivate patient progress. Evidence-based improvements allow therapists to tweak rehabilitation plans, which in turn accelerate recovery and maximize positive outcomes!